«Athens – The Truth» by David Cade: Greek translation to be published by Savalas Publishers

Savalas Publishers have the honour to announce to their readers that they have obtained the rights to David Cade’s book Athens – The Truth: Searching for Mános Just Before the Bubble Burst, which has been scheduled to come out in Greek.

David Cade’s ‘journey’ to Athens began over five decades ago in New Zealand, when he started to become infatuated with Greek culture and history. However, it was the magical music of Mános Hadjidákis, as it ‘emerged’ from the sheet-music he accidentally discovered in a tiny Greek bookshop in London much later, that ‘haunted’ young David’s imagination and gave rise to his desire to visit the country where the great Greek composer lived and created his timeless works. This dream came true in early 2010.

As newscasts all over the world are already making extensive references to the oncoming economic crisis in Greece, David Cade talks with Athenians, explores many of the city sights, delves into the most crucial periods of Greek history, and discovers aspects of Athens unknown even to its own inhabitants.  In an unprejudiced, objective narrative free of any touristic superficiality, and with no intention to sound pleasant or flatter, he shows today’s Greece and its people through the eyes of a foreigner, speaks of the impression Athens makes on its visitors, and tries to explain what makes this city so special.

David Cade’s Athens – The Truth leaves readers startled and fascinated and gives them food for thought. It is a bold, penetrating look at today’s Athens, an enchanting and exasperating city full of contrasts and secret charms, its people and culture, the tempestuous history of a small but proud nation, and the controversial issue of its agonizing present state. Through his plethoric, well-meant criticism, the writer offers us his own truth. Do we have the courage to listen to it?


~ ‘Absolutely addictive!’

~ ‘charming, . . . critical and thought-provoking’

~ ‘a love-letter to Athens’

~ ‘exceptional work . . . packed with information’

~ ‘The author really makes the reader yearn for Athens’

~ ‘Irresistible read!’

~ ‘see what is true and what is a myth about Greece and especially Athens’

~ ‘You will just completely fall in love with the culture, the streets, and the people of Athens’

~ ‘a story that is relevant, packed with data, and historically and socially conscious’

~ ‘A fascinating read for anyone, whether you backpack the globe or haven’t ever left your county’

~ ‘well written and immensely interesting, the musical background of the author making it very special’

~ ‘Years spent living in the Middle East give Cade a unique perspective’

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